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Friday, June 16, 2006

Bill Gates Reducing Microsoft Role

In recent news, Microsoft man, Bill Gates has said he wishes to do less. We decided to take a deeper look into the issue and find the real reason behind the move.

When asked why, Gates responded, "I'm rich bitch!" Because of the tone of his reply we could tell there was something he was hiding, something he didn't want anyone to know, a secret so dark, it would destroy him.

After constant pestering, Gates finally admitted he has been seeing "evil" ghosts and having strange dreams. He said in one of his dreams, he witnessed a vast and powerful empire destroyed by wild animals. The great ruler of this empire tried to stop the animals by lighting them on fire. One animal, a fox, grew as the fire consumed it and become too powerful for the ruler to stop.

Gates said the vision had made him paranoid. He also said it could be the drugs but the vision was most likely the cause. He said he will now concentrate on building his own personal militia to combat the wild animals. He plans to start by invading the forests around his own complex and slowly expanding out until all the wild animals of North America were gone, especially those crazy fox.


Blogger Dusty DooGooD said...

I heard almost the same story only it wasn't a giant fox. It was an enormous "Google" eyed monster. Reportedly, Gates felt his powers were insufficient to combat the wild beastly monster alone, so he decided to join forces with two other giant forces. One of them was Yah...something and something Bay, I cant remember now.

He said his main fear was that this "google" eyed creature would take over the world eventually and crack down on drug traffickers and cut off his supply.

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