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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Beware of!! is a very evil website.

The other day, my wife was window shopping online at and was just looking around not really planning on buying anything. The next day there was a $200+ charge on her debit card. She looked into it and it turns out it was "one-click" shopping at Target. All you have to do is click on an item and it automatically puts it in your shopping cart. When you leave or log out of the site, it automatically orders anything that is in your shopping cart.

We called Target less than 24 hours afterwards and they said they couldn't cancel the order because it was already "in their system." Well, we can either return and get stuck with $60 in shipping fees for both ways or keep it and have a kid's dresser that we don't want.

Lessons Learned:
1) Never Shop at
2) Don't let my wife create accounts at on-line sites


Blogger jbwritergirl said...

Ah, the beauty of internet marketing.

Just be thankful that your wife 1. wasn't on the Tiffany's website and 2. that she didn't get crazy clicking on all the things that struck her fancy.

You very well might be driving a new car today! LOL

Hope you're all doing well and that the new baby is thriving.


12:36 AM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

Yep, everything is going well besides the evils of Target. At Least we're only out the shipping cost.

7:59 AM  

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