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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Will Barbaro make it?

In recent news, Barbaro has been pretty good for six straight days now. Barbaro shattered his right hind leg back in may and also has laminitis in his left hind leg. Americans all over are traumatized by the incident.

Bookie Bobby "The Weasle" Levinski said "Screw that damn horse, he cost me more than I care to admit." Barbaro's doctor say the signs are encouraging but the road to recovery could be a long one. Dog Food Guru Johnie Ruff said "I hope Barbaro dies, it's great for our business to be able to add such a fine speciman into our dog food mix. They could even use his hooves to make some glue. I would imagine that glue would be very marketable."

Horse racing fans in the south seem to be taking Barbaro's injuries the hardest. New Orleans resident Pete Shambles said "I lost my house, some family members, and sustained severe injuries during the hurricane and some horse gets better medical attention than me and my fellow Hurricane victims. Yeah, I'm REALLY torn about some horse getting hurt."

As you have now seen, many people care about Barbaro and are hoping for a complete recovery. Let's just hope he doesn't take a turn for the worse any time soon.


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