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Monday, June 26, 2006

Germany's Most Wanted List: Another One Bites The Dust

In recent news, one of Germany's most wanted was shot. The wanted brown bear, Bruno, was a fugitive from Italy. He supposedly was wanted for killing cattle in the area but a little investigation leads to other possibilities.

Bruno was killed before he had a chance to speak for himself. This leads one to think there may have been other things going on behind the scene. Manfred Woelfl, the Bavarian state government's bear specialist, may have had a bone to pick with the ill-fated Bruno. It just seems too convenient that he was killed before being able to defend himself. Reports from the scene say Bruno was unarmed and didn't have any weapons in his residence either.

Earlier this month, Bruno seemed to be on edge. During a random interview, he said "They're after me......I don't think I'll make it." Shortly after that interview, Bruno fled to Germany to avoid the Italian death squads pursuing him. He thought he was safe in Germany but little did he know, Manfred Woelfl had connections to the Italian death squads and he would be on the run again. Unfortunately for Bruno, He was shot and some cattle slayings were pinned on him to dirty his once well-received name.

Let's remember Bruno for the kind-hearted gentle bear we all know he really is.


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