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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Miami Heat win the NBA Finals

Yes, the Heat have won the NBA finals after losing the first two games. Wade was the star of the finals this year and was the Heat's best player. This drove the spot-light starved Shaq insane. Shaq said "This is my team, I make us win, I won the championship." When told his statistics compared to Wade's by a reporter, Shaq replied "statistics? who cares about them, they haven't been important to me for almost a whole season now." When Wade was interviewed he said "This is Shaq's team, he is the real MVP" in a very robotic tone as he read his cue cards. Later, Wade said "Shaq is always watching, it's not safe to talk here."

Cuban gave the Heat a standing ovation after the game, which was pretty hard to believe after his antics throughout the finals. Cuban said "yeah, it was hard clapping for those guys, they wouldn't have won against any other team in the NBA, the stupid refs.......conspiracy [edited]." The Billionare then talked about buying every NBA team so he could win a championship. He thought that was the only way with the League officials against him.

When asked about the championship, one Miami resident replied "The Dolphins won? I didn't know the NFL was even started." The interviewer quickly told him it was Miami's basketball team that won a championship to which he said "Basketball is stupid. They need a salary cap. Come back and talk to me when the Dolphins do something." That might be awhile......


Blogger The Analyzer said...

On the topic of Cuban, there was an article at that mentioned he should buy the NFL LA Expansion team.

10:10 AM  
Blogger Hired Sword said...

A nice bit of farce there, got a good chuckle from Dwyane's comments about Shaq's omnipresence.


9:41 PM  

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