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Saturday, June 17, 2006

US Soccer Team faces elimination

In recent news, the US soccer team is struggling.
U.S. coach Bruce Arena said "I think the players were just confused. They hear these other teams talking about football and they practiced American football instead of soccer." One more loss and the team could be eliminated from the tournement. American fans are outraged. American Bob Smith said "Soccer? Why the hell would I care about that?" His opinion is echoed my manyAmericans back home. This could be a tragic moment in US Sports History if the US teams is eliminated from the tournement.

An American watching the games overseas said "This really sucks. I came all the way over hear and I thought I was going to get to watch some NFL Europe games but instead they're playing some gay sport that I can't even follow." When told the purpose of the games he replied "who cares. Of course Americans suck at soccer, no body grows up and says I want to be a professional
soccer player."

As you can tell, many Americans are dissapointed in the way the US soccer team is playing and it would greatly affect Americans if the team gets eliminated.


Blogger Bruce Godfrey said...

I am gratified that we played well today. Count me as a part of Sam's Army.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Leo Kearse said...

Football - "gay"? Your pantywaist American football players wear big gay shoulder pads and helmets so that they don't get their poor ickle frenchy foo-foo haircuts hurt.

All american sports are crap, anyway. They're too stoppy starty and they're all about statistics. You can keep your pissy gay beer too.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Dusty DooGooD said...

Soccer suks! Yea, who doesnt love to sit there for hours watching some guys in their little tidy shorts(Yea, If I were Gay Maybe) running up and down the field only to be disappointed nearly everytime they even get close to the goal. If all that was on tv was soccer or barney...well, lets just say, I love you, you love me....

10:01 AM  

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