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Thursday, June 22, 2006

China pleased with US Wargames

In recent news,China is pleased after watching the US wargames. They supposedly are pleased because it will strengthen China and US military ties.........right. The real reason they are "pleased" is they now know how we operate and can plan to overtake us. China has already started an agressive takeover of the US by starting with US-based businesses. China owns quite a few businesses in the US now and it's only a matter of time before they launch the offensive on other battle fronts.

China is the only country capable of competing with the US military. They are also over-populated and need more land to sustain themselves. Their takeover makes too much sense for them not to be considering it. They probably have been bribing the Iraqis to act up so we don't notice their plans.


Blogger Neil Craig said...

China is spending very little on its military - arguably only slightly more than Taiwan. The money they save, & a lot more, goes into growing their economy. In many ways they are in a similar position to the US a before the Spanish American War - a large fast growing economy militarily far weaker than the then dominant European powers.

As Iraq is proving, the benefits of economic growth are far greater than the spoils of war - which is pretty good news for our species.

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