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Monday, July 24, 2006

Tiger Wins his 11th Major

In recent news, Tiger Woods won his 11th major this weekend. After struggling after the loss his father, Woods finally quieted critics who thought Woods would be unable to recover from the tradegy and would never catch Jack Nicklaus.

The real story from the British open was this man throwing purple flour bombs onto the course as Woods was about to chip. The man was heard shouting "Fathers for justice" which is a campaign for paternal rights in child custody cases.

Why were the "Fathers for Justice" trying to stop Woods from overcoming the loss of his father to win the British Open? The only obvious answer is to try to prove that everyone needs their fathers to do anything. By winning the Open without his father around anymore, Woods proved that he won based on his talent and that his other 10 major wins can't be credited to his fathers presence. This is a tremendous blow to "Fathers for Justice" because it may even go as far as showing that Michael Jordan's greatness diminishing didn't have anything to do with his father's passing either.

The Father's of all the top athlete's must now beware. "Fathers for Justice" will try to assasinate them if their children's careers start slipping so they can take credit for the downward spiral. Sleep with one eye open....


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