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Thursday, August 31, 2006

TVU Player

Today I discovered an awesome peice of software.

It's called the TVU Player. Basically, you download it, install it and you have live streaming television on your computer. The best part is that it has channels like HBO and for the football fanatic, FOX , CBS and ESPN.

Here is the website:

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Floyd Landis Conspiracy

Rather than admit to using illegal preformance enhancing drugs and apologizing, Floyd Landis has declared a conspiracy against him. In this article, Landis said "There's some kind of agenda there. I just don't know what it is." His neighbors reported that night before making that comment, Landis was getting high and watching movies like Conspiracy Theory and JFK.

One of theories Landis came up with as an excuse for the positive test was an alien abduction. He claims he was teleported into an alien spacecraft before testing positive. He said it is reasonable to conclude that aliens used some type of testosterone raising drug on him during their "tests." Landis said that after the tests, the aliens allowed him to relax in the spacecraft's lounge area and have a few drinks with Elvis while gazing at a beautiful veiw of Saturn's rings. After a couple relaxing hours, the aliens dropped Landis off and gave him a special water bottle as a souvenir. In the morning before getting on his bike, Landis said he drank the contents of the water bottle and it magically disappeared but Landis said he doubted the water bottle had anything to do with it.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Indiana Jones 4?

Upcoming Movie Sequels
A recent query on the Internet Movie Database found that Indiana Jones 4 was in pre-production. If it does proceed it looks like it would be released sometime in 2008. I am a fan of the Indiana Jones series but enough is enough. Harrison Ford and Sean Connery aren't really suited for an action adventure type movie anymore. I'll admit that if it does come out, I will watch it but my expectations won't be high.

This probe got me looking for some other movie sequels that probably shouldn't be made.

Rocky Balboa
Thats right, old Rocky is coming out of retirement once again. The worst news about this film is that it's already made and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2006. Didn't he come out of retirement and train a fighter in Rocky 5? I'm not sure because I didn't watch the whole movie that a lot of people probably don't even know exists.

Rambo 4
Is Stallone broke? Let's see how the 60 year old uses his skills this time around to save his kidnapped daughter. Maybe he'll use parts from his walker to defeat Charlie in this one.

Old School 2
Ok, Old School was one the funniest movies I've ever seen but I can't see any reasonable plot line to make a second one. But I guess the American Pie trilogy was funny throughout so we'll have to see. This movie is in production and should be released in 2007. Hopefully Will Ferrel can be funny again.

Die Hard 4
Bruce Willis getting his butt kicked, pulling out a one-liner, and killing the bad guys.....what could be better? This one is in pre-production so yipee kiya yeah MFers (we strive to keep the site PG-13).

Ocean's Thirteen
We love clever crooks as much as anyone but how do you keep coming up with clever scripts? The first was much better than the second so what can we expect from the third? We'll see sometime in 2007. I hope they can come up with a original and clever storyline but how much money will this movie have to make to afford the cast?

Sequels that Should be
After seeing all of these sequels in production (note: there are many more like The Bourne Ultimatum and Star Trek starring Matt Damon but we'll keep the list short for now) let's take a look at some movies that don't have sequels in the works that should.

The Big Hit 2
We need another clever and funny movie about a hitman. This may not have been box office dynamite the first time around but Marky Mark is more popular now after The Italian Job and should gain more popularity after The Brazilian Job.

Bad Boys 3
I absolutely loved the first two. I was pretty skeptical when the second came out but it surpassed all of my expectations. Let's face it, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence work well together and Jerry Bruckheimer is the man when it comes to producing action movies.

Rush Hour 3
Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan have great on-screen chemistry. The first two movies had a good combination of action and comedy and Chris Tucker just isn't any good in anything other role. You could also substitute this for another Shanghai Noon sequel but I'd rather see another Rush Hour...........nevermind, I just looked it up and it looks like this is already in pre-production and slated to come out in 2007.

Well thats what I came up with out of the top of my head. Feel free to make suggestions to either list.